Tesco: Branding And Success Factors For Tesco

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3. CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS FOR TESCO There are several factors that lead to Tesco 's success. Firstly, branding and reputation. Branding is very important in business before selling a product. This is to enable customers to recognize what the seller sells. For example, the company (Tesco) works hard in terms of packaging so it can attract users to buy it. Not only that, promotion also plays a role. When good quality, reliable items and strong brand image can lead to excellent value. Users will not hesitate to buy them. Tesco has introduced the Club card to consumers. The aim of Club card was introduced aimed at customer loyalty to Tesco. Tesco also can do research from Club Card to see what kind of products customers need. For example, the item required by the customer is none; the customer will switch direction to buy elsewhere. So, Tesco will create a promotion by targeting customers to buy essential items. When a consumer is loyal to a company (Tesco), it means that consumers love the goods and services offered. Indirectly the consumers will repeat again to buy any product. Not only that, the benefits of a consumer Club Card can accumulate points and convert to certain items as a reward. Secondly, IT integration also factors that lead to Tesco 's success. IT is very important in business management. With the development of new technology will smooth and improve the system. For example, in terms of stock control, customer ordering systems, maintaining valuable

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