Tesco Case Study

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Tesco is one of the multinational companies selling grocery and various retail goods located outside the country such as United Kingdom, England. Tesco runs the retailing industry in the world and also one of the largest retailers. In 1919, Tesco was founded by Jack Cohen. Jack Cohen started a business selling more groceries in the East End of London.
Starting with a grocery store and expanding into the market with a variety of retail. In addition, Tesco has expanded its range of services including telecommunications, insurance, financial products, and travel agencies where has a workforce of 326,000 people which operates more than 2,300 convenience stores and supermarkets. Not only that, Tesco also offers superstore, supermarket and hypermarket.
Initially, Tesco has a strategic place in British retailing where visited by millions of people in the passing. Tesco started his business with a barrow selling fish paste. Then, after selling fish paste, Jack Cohen started selling its own brand products, tea. To get the name, Jack Cohen takes the first three letters of the supplier, connecting with the first two letters of it and lastly of the TE Stockwell. So, realization Tesco 's name by Jack Cohen. The first store using the name Tesco opened in North London in 1929.
In 1948, as a result of a research trip to the US, Jack Cohen was able to learn the models used there. That year, Tesco in St Albans, Hertfordshire used the first "self-service" to deliver items

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