Tesco Economic Aspect

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The economic aspect of an organisation can be illustrated by the economic environment by investigating the business cycle such as growth, inflation, employment and international trade. The management system of Tesco has great concern about the economic environment as it is very significant to influence the entire process of the cost of the product, demand, profit and price of the product. The economic arrangement creates a great impact on the suitable allocation of the respective resources as per the suitability of the corporation. Tesco is the UK’s largest and most resourceful supermarket chain corporation on a global market. Tesco is an international brand, which can be easily understood by its expansion on the global platform. The organisation…show more content…
The economic factor depends on outside control of the business, but it can affect the performance and marketing of the organisation. The main factors which mainly influence the economic balance of an organisation are political, economic, social technological, environmental and legislative factors. On an international front economic aspect is an essential interference in the performance of Tesco. Apart from the political stability of the region, factors also involve acts of legislation and tax rates. It is a major point of concern for the organisation, therefore it is essential to be aware of the changes in the policies. The changes in the rate of taxation or any other aspects can affect the financial balance of the organisation. Although, Tesco operate a business on an international platform, the organisation is strictly dependent on the UK market shares. The downturn of the disposable income state and household incomes, the organisation has adapted to the existing condition by focusing on the advertisement of brand value rather than luxuries…show more content…
The government changes the framework of regulation from time to time, which influences the financial balance of the organisation. The business of an organisation affected effectively due to the changing attributes of the government policies. Taxation policies are the economic policy manages by the government, which greatly affects the business cost of the organisation. Tesco is operating its business operation globally. The environmental and political factors of European and UK governments influences the performance level Tesco. According to the legislations of these countries, the organisations have to recruit local peoples for different positions in the organisation. The local business operation of Tesco is affected greatly by this amendment. The increasing graph of the interest rate is a serious issue for the organisation. The increasing interest rate adversely affecting the business operation cost. . According to the governing authority, Tesco is unable to take advance payment for the order of the products and other kinds of activities from the suppliers. On the various ground, the authority has put a barrier or limit for the organisations, which has created a stiff competition in the price and demand of the product of Tesco. The policies of the government control the monopoly and minimum purchasing
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