Tesco Financial Influences

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TASK 1 / P2: I will be explaining how tesco financial's s statements influence the legal regulatory framework . TESCO PLC. Tesco is one of British largest retail grocery, the first in terms of the top 10 retail in the United Kingdom. tesco was the first UK business to make 2 billion pounds in profit this was announced in earlier of 2005 also tesco is the third largest global retailer based on their revenue . Tesco was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen from a market stall in London east end . Over the years tesco business has grown and they are now operating in 12 countries around the world, they employ over 530,000 people also serve ten millions customers every week . Tesco have always been…show more content…
Tesco to make sure they follow law they conduct, developed policies /blueprints on each key they risk issue. These provide protective layer of producers, training and support to ensure them to don't break the law which is all mentioned in tesco business conduct document . Their policies is merged with their values and missions also divided into three categories 1)Looking after their customers: Clear prices and marketing, tesco customers believe that clear communications about their products and prices are important for them because it builds a strong communication. Also of their policy is to keep promotion and pricing simple , they keep sure to avoid complex price and frequent price changes plus Tesco make sure that their advertising is appropriate and responsible especially for alcohol . Food and product standards, they have well established and comprehensive food safety management system within their stores and distribution center . Ensure that their supplies meet their products safety and quality standards and comply with their policies about maintaining product safety, quality and legality and also their customers can report any instance on suspicious of fraud in tesco supply chain…show more content…
Also they follow and understand safety instructions and guidance and the health& safety policies and procedures that apply to customer role, their policy is to ensure risks are understood and have proper plans to minimize potential harm form their customers and employees. Equal opportunity, inclusion and diversity , tesco strive to create an enviroment of equality and inclusion. their policy is to demonstrate respect for their fellow colleagues, others they come into contact with, whether they are customers, suppliers or other parties, regardless of any social or cultural differences . Human rights, tesco is a global company and it interacts with millions of people around the world everyday. So they have a responsibility to respect human rights. their policy is to be a good neighbor wherever they operate also to make sure that they are familiar with their human right framework and share it appropriately . 3) trading fairly

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