Tesco Malaysia Case Study

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Tesco was founded in 1919 in London and it is currently the third largest global retailer. It was originally specialising in food and drink. It has diversified into certain areas such as clothing, consumer electronics, and car accessories. In addition, they did offered great services such as online stores to make the consumers life easy.
Under globalisation, companies are always trying hard to get survive in the current business climate. Therefore, in order to achieve competitive advantage, an organisation has to practice and implement strategies to run their business. First and foremost, by using better information system operation is the main key to the success for an organization. Our group has found a number of researches to look for the company with better information system operation. Furthermore, we found Tesco as it was one of the largest global retailers with better quality of information system operation. Finally, Tesco Malaysia is chosen in this study. (Tesco Malaysia, 2016)
1.1 Company Tesco Malaysia was launched of the business in the year 2002 and they have total numbers of 43 Tesco branches around Malaysia. In addition, Tesco was having a joint of venture together with Sime Darby Malaysia. Years by years, with the influence of the technology advanced, internet has become the basic needs for the consumers. Almost all of the Malaysians have access to the internet each of everyday. Therefore, Tesco has decided to launch grocery home shopping in 2013 and it

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