Tesco Marketing Strategy

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1.1 Introduction to Marketing
The major approaches that are considered to be the core of the marketing theory and methods are the marketing mix strategy and relationship management. These are often associated with transaction methods and parameter approaches. However, many researchers are of the view that the marketing theory is now shifting from the mixed approach to the relationship approach of marketing theory. The encouragement of interaction between the delivered and the customer is seen as the inherent characteristic towards which marketing is shifting. Many of the traditional strong points of marketing are challenged by the relationship approach to marketing that include the identification of the marketing variables and the existence
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Tesco has efficiently penetrated the global market and operating a successful business operation all over the world. The organisation has extended its business operation into 12 countries including Czech Republic, Ireland, Hungary, Poland, Malaysia, China and India. The mission and objective of Tesco are to develop excellent shopping experience and maximum customer loyalty. The organisation is always aggressive in establishing a higher standard of a goal to grow sustainably in this globalised platform. The organisation is continuously adapting to the situational and environment changes in the market for a profitable and successful business operation. The process of globalisation has created a diverse competitive platform for the organisations, for which the organisation has to change or alter their strategic policies to sustain successfully. Tesco with its adaptive nature has made various changes and implemented several innovative planning in the various segment of their business operation. Therefore, the perspective of the market plan changes according to the prospect of the market. The requirement of the customer is changing day by day, as because of the changing environment and trend of the…show more content…
The nature of the trade of Tesco has made the process of marketing easier. The company is everywhere, sell everything to everyone has made the business reach every corner of the globe. In the process of marketing a product or service, the corporation implemented certain policies depending on the evaluation of the internal and external aspect to have an advantageous business in this competitive market. The organisation has designed their planning in such a manner so that it completely matches with the requirements of the customers. Tesco as compared to the other companies has given higher precedence to the quality of their product and services. In marketing management, Tesco has created a structure with different intensity of customers according to their monetary

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