Product Classification Of Tesco

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1. Introduction 1.1 Background of Ireland Tesco online system is an electronic commerce website operated by Tesco. Which provide online sales service to Irish. Tesco has operated on the Internet since 1994 and started an online shopping service named 'Tesco Direct ' in 1997. In October 2000, Tesco Ireland launched its online shopping service for the Dublin area. Essentially an Irish expansion of the service offered in the United Kingdom, the service expanded until by the end of the decade it was available nationwide. 1.2 Localization Up to now, Tesco provided two different online services in different countries. In some countries, people can buy commodity directly on Tesco website such as the UK (,…show more content…
Based on highly loyal customer habits, Tesco retail stores provide most life essential supplies. Online store is intended to provide simple and quick user experience and more diversified services. Through questionnaire survey, respondents generally expressed have not used Tesco online before. And they thought Tesco is aimed to some people who cannot come to store or who purchased too many items which difficult to carry by themselves. People can think online service is a complement to the offline services. Which is a strategy to adapt to the trend of…show more content…
In these websites, South Korean Tesco is different completely among other countries, the rest of Tesco website keep the similar style at all. We are focused on comparing with other similar websites here. These four countries’ Tesco page have highly consistent design style and layout, but there are many small differences of them, which differences give people many different shopping experiences. I will make a Comparison about their own advantages and own disadvantages. Advantages: - supply a multisearch box under the common search bar, which tool can allows people input multiple items’ name once. And another three website have no this function on shopping page. - provide some special delivery services of some fresh fruits or vegetables Disadvantages: - provide the expiration date of each product, but don’t have that. - The filter of search result on the left of page in another three countries’, but’s filter on the middle of page. According to user survey, people more accustomed to left filter layout. Most of shopping website also use left-middle-right
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