The Key Factors Of Tesco's Success

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The key success factors of Tesco are combination of numerous factors. Its strategy supports its brand to be powerful and stronger which is composed of low price, good range of products, reputation of value, customer focused, brand equity and associations.
For a start, as reported by case that Tesco has an advantage in lower price, it is my belief that one of its success major factor is its lower price. Its large buying size has enabled company to keep price down and support low price strategy. Beside Tesco has a good range of products and own label products which help strengthen its profit. One of its customer research confirmed that the one of main factor to choose to shop at Tesco is Tesco offers a wide range of products.
Tesco does not stop expanding its range of products and tends to increase incessantly. On 2012, meanwhile in Thailand, Tesco opens new extra format store to satisfy every customer needs in one. It offers extra range, shop and service which including the pharmacy, optician, phone shop, money center and specially the staff on roller skate to help customers more faster. Tesco upgraded its products range with 9,000 new lines, new books
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Nowadays, the price is not enough to attract or retain the customers if the company lack of customer service or awareness. Even there is an economy changes which could affects the customer’s affordability but there are still a lot of many companies who offer low price products as well. So, if the company cannot retain their customers by special service or making a good attitude to attract the customers, they can lost their existing and loyalty customers all in good time. Tesco’s strategy about price, consumer understanding and customer service can improve that they are on the right

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