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Tesco is a strong worldwide retail brand, the world 's most valuable brands, slightly lower than IKEA, far higher than eBay 's former 100 (Brand Finance, 2014). It is called a company that offers value for convenience, money and a wide range of products, and local sensitive management (wood and McCarthy, 2014). Worldwide, Tesco has 6784 stores, in 2012 an increase of 433 stores since, despite the disposal of their US business, Fresh & Easy (Tesco, 2012, 2014) of. Tesco using innovative management methods in its rise, including the establishment of stores such as Tesco Metro and Tesco Express, which is the local community of small shops, making for customers (Schiraldi, Smith and Takahashi, 2012) shopping more convenient. Other advantages of its global operations, including online shopping, joint ventures, such as in China, and local recruitment, including senior management positions (park, Bertels and Elsum, 2011). Because of its size and facilities, Tesco can buy in bulk, benefiting from economies of scale (Blythman, 2012). This enables companies to reduce prices in order to remain attractive price, and with British retailers such as Asda
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Their current position in the UK grocery retailing number one means that they are from Asda, Morrison, lidl and, increasingly, Sainsbury and Aldi consistent competitive goals (Stevenson, 2014). Tesco continues to be a threat to boycott is Asda 's acquisition of WAL-MART. Brand store for Asda WAL-MART has been increasing, in the UK, in the consumer show disdain for WAL-MART weakened. The ninth most valuable brand in the world, Wal-Mart is Tesco 's largest global competitors. Thus, it is necessary capital, skills, experience and resources make Tesco 's problem (the Ministry of finance of the brand, 2014). The influence of urban planning and consumers are less tolerant of outside stores the small shop livelihood and concerns, but also harm Tesco 's expansion plans

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