Tesco Swot Analysis

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The strengths of a company is required since the establishment of the company. The strengths is important, so that the company can attract more customers, maintaining profitability, and produce a good product or service. Tesco is a powerful retail brand globally, in the top 100 of the world’s most valued brands, slightly below Ikea and well above eBay It is known as a company that offers value for money, convenience, a wide range of products, and locally-sensitive management. Tesco has utilised innovative business methods in its rise, including the creation of stores like Tesco Metro and Tesco Express, which are small stores in local neighbourhoods to make shopping more convenient for the customers. Other strengths
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Among the issues emphasized by Tesco in this case is that the building design, layout, signage, displays, color, lighting, temperature, noise and odor. The atmosphere in the premises will affect responses Tesco image in the minds of customers and indirectly communicate information about Tesco premise service, and price in Tesco.

Tesco Website
Tesco web site that www.tesco.com.my is another way Tesco to communicate with his customers and the public. Tesco use the website as a way to build its image by giving information about company profile, charter customers, direction and success that has been achieved. It also provides information such as the location hypemarket Tesco, ongoing promotions and will take place, the type of merchandising sold, additional services, employment opportunities, news about the company and FAQ.

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Through sales promotion Tesco trying to offer more value and incentives to customers to visit and purchase goods in Tesco at certain times. Usually the sales promotion is done more to emphasize low prices. The main objective of this method is to accelerate the sales process and the amount of sales of goods. Tesco regularly holding fresh market promotion. Sales promotions are also commonly carried out during the festive season. Among other sales promotion tools used Tesco is also used contests, coupons, sample and bonus packs.

Tesco can buy in bulk Due to the size and facilities, we can buy from Tesco in bulk, which can benefit from economies of scale. This enables the company to offer lower prices to keep prices attractive and competitive with UK retailers such as Asda or Sainsbury 's. For retailers, they can start a business with low prices if bought in tesco. Buying in bulk can attract attention because customers can save their money .


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