Case 4.1 Work Based Problems

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4.1: Identifying one work based problem and the solutions requires the individuals training and qualities.
As, I am a sales manager in the Tesco and I need to increase the sales amount on it have before. Before, making the sales increase, I need to know the marketing plan which they established for getting the company objectives. As the Tesco already have sales increasing power about 61% now they want to make it more approximately 75%. I have two assistant for this assignment. I need to give some more hard effort. I am presenting to my products in the market at detail version which can help to get the customers attention on our products. If I can get the full attention on my products, the sales automatically increase at a higher rate.
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Training needed: As I faced make the sales amount more of my assistants. They need to be trained before working in the field. Because did not know how we can get the customers concentration for our products. The solution is required that If the Tesco gives them the proper training, they get to attain this task easily.
4.2: Discussing learning styles which can be implemented to overcome the problems; have identified.
When the organization can face the problems determinedly, the organization needs to change the learning styles in some sector. As I find the problem which is Training needed. For these training the learning styles should be such as
Visual Learning: The sales assistance of mine need to get the field work as viewing the whole points of marketing. If they getting to see the point, they can identify the sales promote options.
Auditory: Sometimes some employees like to listen the problems while they working. If I could give my assistance these learning styles knowledge, they can do the work
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• Apprehensions that a dissimilar plan wills not effort as well particularly if it influences tenancy.
4.3: Evaluating different time management strategies and how they can be used by individuals to manage their time more efficient. Discussing a strategy that work and justifying answer.
The Time management Strategy is to progress of our work enactment in order to create my accomplished of implementation our responsibilities in an appropriate method. In time management is significant in management everyday accomplishments at organization. For the reason that we have inadequate time and we are predictable to completely validate the use of this inadequate time in prolific effort. Source:
Do not procrastinate: The procrastination reductions of our efficiency and rises the pressure level particularly when we are close to the time limit. From this time, all of us must have to avoid
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