Tesco Theories Of Motivation

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A theory is defined as a set of statements or pinciples devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena, especially one that has been repeatedly tested or is widley accepted and can be used to make predictions about a natural phenomena. There many theories out there and especially in the business work place where there are mutiply theories e.g Theory X and Theory Y. This is a very well known theory in the buesiness , it has been been put in place by many Managers. Over the years theory has had many differenet definations that are revelant to it, for example it is definded as “a suspension of ideas or systems of ideas that are explaining something”. The most common example of this would be newton’s law there are three laws to go with newtons…show more content…
An example of a company that uses Taylor’s motivation theory is The Tesco’s retail group, which is the second largest retailer in the world and has 600,000 staff and has implemented an Employee Reward Programme. Its financial reward packages are one motivating factor. However there are factors than money, which motivate people in both their personal and working lives. Tesco goes for beyond Taylor and gives more than just simple pay increases. It supports the varied lifestyle of individual employees relevant and targeted benefits. Many non-financial factors can do motivate employees to improve their output. Once such factor may be desire to serve people, other may to be to improve skills or achieve promotion. A person may be motivated to be professional footballer not because of the salary because they love football. Employees are motivated if they feel content in their work. This often happens when their employer creates a good working environment where employees feel valued, generally through increased communication and being asked for their opinions. Employee motivation is also likely to be higher if the organization invests in its staff through training and development. In turn this enhances their knowledge, skills and their job satisfaction. Above are all examples of how Taylor’s theory has been put into use in certain companies and how they have taken his theory into account as…show more content…
Even though Taylor’s theory was critizesed and is still today does not mean that he had not made a huge impact into the business world. His theory is important to understand for mangers, as it gives them an understanding how to make the company successful like what Taylors did for Ford when he first started off in his business. Once a manager understand the whole concpet theories and they decided that theory is best for them to use, if theory X or Y or even the theory of hiearchy of needs by maslow, it will give them an understand, and will eventually reach to their goals of a profitable company with dedicated

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