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This report highlights and enlightens the technology of Tesla Autopilot to Singapore Polytechnic (SP) Learning and Sharing Festival Organising Committee. In this report, we will be uncovering the technology behind Tesla Autopilot and giving more details on each features of the Autopilot.

Tesla Autopilot was first introduced on 9 October 2014. It was offered for both Model X and S only. Tesla Autopilot has several outstanding features such as semi-autonomous drive and parking capabilities.

Tesla Autopilot is a semi-autonomous driver assist developed by Tesla Motors. It is a more advanced and complex version of cruise control. With the help of radars, sensors and cameras around the vehicle, it will be able to steer, park, change lane and brake without inputs from the driver. Although, Autopilot
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Features of Tesla Autopilot
Tesla autopilot has 5 main features. These features are auto steer, auto lane change, auto parking autonomous emergency braking and “summon” call. These outstanding features highlights Tesla autopilot car and for this, it makes Tesla a great automobile company differentiating them from the rest.

2.1 Autosteer
The Tesla Autopilot has the ability to autosteer. The autosteer is one of the highlights of the car and most drivers who anticipated this, cannot wait to get their hands on. With just a push of a button away, once the car is on autopilot, auto steer will come in place. How the feature work is that when auto steer is on, the vehicle will alert the driver to take control if the vehicle senses potential danger and if the driver does not respond, it will reduce its speed and can even come to a complete stop.The autopilot can help driver reduce fatigue by driving on its own with much lesser effort ( see Figure 1). It will be especially useful for long distance drive and driving home after a long day at work. Drivers can then set to autopilot when they reach the highway and take their minds off and rest while the car is on

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