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Case Discussion:
1) Research and write a brief history of the company, it mission and vision statements.
Brief History: Tesla Motors Inc, based in Palo Alto, California which was founded by Silicon Valley Engineers in 2003 to roll electric vehicles in the transportation industry1. Infused with profound value to electrical car making industry, Tesla Motors quickly spread around North America, Asia and Europe4. Nikola Tesla was one of the cofounder of the Tesla Motors, who guarded Tesla technology by making improvements to Electro-Magnetic Motors. In 2008 Tesla Roadster performance lodged Tesla into sports car section, later premium sedan (Tesla Model S) in
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2) Identify the key elements of the Tesla’s marketing strategy with reference to the 4Ps and discuss the marketing management orientation(s) that guide the company’s marketing strategy.
Tesla Marketing Strategy:
Tesla Motor current marketing strategy is forward-looking statement, focus on interactive retail and future store opening plans which need to address risks and uncertainty. New line of models will be introduced in coming years to align at affordable pricing range starting at $30K, this will improve financial state of Tesla Motors.
Reference to 4Ps:
Product: Tesla product strategy to deliver risk free and affordable vehicles. Tesla Roadster in 2008 has a pricy tag for a clean energy high performance sport vehicle. Tesla S (Model S, Model X) platform targets mid-level customers with lower price compared to Roadster. Future products (Model E, Gen III) involve lower price range starting $30K for all customers5. Products also include Tesla SuperChanger station at specific locations, which provide quick charge in less than 20
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This strategy have effective outcome from the brand acquisition in electric vehicle sectors. Here major trends and focus has been changed as most of the customer do not like dealers, directs dealing with customers assumes loyalty and full price acquisition, need to wait for months to finish product. Tesla Motors is a trendsetter for the upcoming marketing strategies, enable to start high and get your way down with a great product8. Tesla service centers floors are displayed with white patter to infer electric cars doesn’t need oil, where it represents automobiles strengths into weakness by display luxury gas cars are messy, complex and unreliable.
Tesla mileage is comparatively very impressive with full change capacity of 300miles, which have significant economic balance when compared to gas vehicles. Tesla maintains strong customer relationship through blogs, websites, and forums; try to understand the customer problems and needs. Firm operated with low plant investment with excellent handling and servicing. Produce low cost product development with unique common electric powertrain to their products5. Tesla motors quickly spread around North America, Europe and Asia, where large automobile market is

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