Tesla Corporate Social Responsibility Analysis

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) relates to the actions of an organization and the effects on the environment and social wellbeing. It is about the way that the company assesses its actions and takes responsibility for this. (Investopedia, n.d.) CSR is a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental issues in their business operations and interactions with stakeholders. The company aims to achieve a balance of economic, environmental and social objectives, while also listening to the needs of stakeholders. (UNIDO, n.d.)
Within Tesla, corporate social responsibility is very important. As Tesla’s mission statement, which is mentioned in paragraph 5, already indicates, the company cares a lot about the environment and its effects on society. They want to be social responsible by reducing car emissions and even released its valuable patents in 2014. This means that everyone can use Tesla’s technology now. The purpose of this was to reduce the number of greenhouse gasses produced by gasoline powered cars. Tesla cars are built out of aluminium, which is more expensive, but can be completely recycled. Its batteries are non-toxic and almost 100% recyclable as well. Furthermore, Tesla cuts noise pollution. The CEO of Tesla realizes that the company cannot meet the total demand for
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It is about evaluating the company’s planned actions by considering the impact of day-to-day tactical decisions and longer-term strategies on the organization’s stakeholders. (Chandler, 2013) For Tesla, this might be very useful because CSR is very important for its stakeholders. As corporate social responsibility is one of the points where Tesla distinguishes itself from other car manufacturers, the company should ensure that decisions are in line with its corporate social responsibility
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