Assignment 1: A Case Study Of Tesla Motors

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While analysts argue over whether the company will be successful or not and if the prices will be reduced, the reduction of the cost of the battery - is not the only aim of the upcoming Gigafactory, the team is already working on improving of the battery life. It is planned to increase the energy density of the batteries, thereby reducing their weight, and increased cruising range of electric vehicles. The professor at Dalhousie University Jeff Dahn is known for his work innovating lithium-ion batteries like those Tesla uses to power its Model S sedan, will collaborate with Tesla scientists (Owram, Kristine. Tesla Motors Inc Turns to Dalhousie University Professor for Help with Battery Technology).

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will sponsor the research of Jeff Dahn till the issues are resolved. Mr. Dahn will focus on expanding the capacity of voltage in batteries without damaging their longevity and reducing the cost of materials. Based on the chief technologist in Tesla Motors Mr. Straubel’s expectation energy density of the batteries and cruising range of electric vehicles need to be increased, thereby battery cost and weight need to be reduced in order to cut the price for Tesla car further model and to meet a sales target of a cumulative one million vehicles by 2020.
“In addition to advances in chemistry, Tesla Motors is aiming to reduce its battery costs by bringing in-house the suppliers and processing of lithium, nickel cobalt and graphite. We are making constant progress on all that. Want to be careful and take our time and make sure we have associates that have the right road map,” said chief technologist (Ramsey, Mike. Tesla Partners With Battery Researcher to Lower
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All the citizens are expect significant changes for the best in the life of the area related to this construction. In the support of this expectations. The analyst of Bloomberg Dana Hull wrote in her essay that the Gigafactory “may be the greatest thing to happen to northern Nevada since the silver rush of the 1850s and the gaming boom a century later” (Hull, Dana. "Reno Bets Tesla Gigafactory Will Erase Image as Downmarket Vegas). The history already observed such a situation, when BMW built the production facilities in Spartanburg, South Carolina. In 1990’s the new BMW factory in North America turned the struggling region into the new center of the automotive production and
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