Tesla Major Forces

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4.Describe the major trends and forces that are changing the automobile marketing landscape and how Tesla is taking advantage and/or trendsetting in the automobile industry.
Safety Becomes More Important:
Safety plays a major role in the automobile industry with vehicle manufacturers constantly making improvements to avoid and lessen damage from collision. Automobile industry is also trying to improve braking systems, stability and lighting. They are also concentrating on environmental safety.
Tesla is manufacturing environmental friendly car also takes care of safety by using air bags, antilock brakes, and seat belt pretensions.

Vehicle Are Produced Worldwide:
Globalization brought a massive change in automobile industry. Cars are now manufactured
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It has three different models in Model S based on battery 60kWh, 85 kWh, 85 kWh performance and base price for these three models is different.
Fuel Efficiency Important to Consumers:
Increase in fuel prices makes customers to change their minds to fuel-efficient cars, which decreases their budget on fuel.
Tesla manufactures Electric vehicles, which decreases the fuel utilization, they can charge their car at home, can use portable solar panels on the car roof and can charge them at the charging stations, which makes journey with out fuel. Alternative Fuels Begin to Emerge:
Due to global warming and increase in fuel price customers are tending towards hybrid and electric cars. Prediction is that in near future people start using electric cars, which are eco friendly.
Tesla is market leader in electric vehicle manufacturing. Main goal of Tesla is to make world with electric cars and become eco friendly. Automated Features Become Commonplace: Due to emerging technology back-up cameras lane changing alerts, digital display other features are widely used in the present cars.
Tesla already has these features in their cars and will enhance them in future.
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Its Lithium-ion batteries are non hazardous to the environment. These batteries are never dead but decrease their range. They have started producing normal sized solar panels for low cost, which can be installed on car roofs because of its portable size. This decreases the energy consumption and is the environmental friendly. With Tesla announces plans to expand its battery manufacturing capabilities and to increase its production of cars it became the darling of Wall Street. Tesla share has reached $265 (its all time high) settling at $237 per share in the past few months. With all these innovations and advancements I would strongly believe Tesla is the market leader in EV

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