Tesla Motivation And Motivation

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Organisations have long struggled to retain employees without pouring in too many resources into incentives, however there are many other factors that influence the motivation for an employee to work for an organisation.
The following factors are very important to retaining employees:
➔ Vision and Mission:
Each organisation has a vision set by its leaders, a ground basis on which it stands for. This vision is the key for driving innovation, research and development for the company. Vision is also the driving force and motivation for its employees, to push their limits and to outperform the competition. A company’s long term mission is also very important for most employees who believe that they are making a difference if they are working
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I have no regrets. The reason is, people who work for Tesla are immersed with, not the car or the "I work for a sexy company" status, but with the meaning it carries. Tesla's mission statement, "accelerate the transition of sustainable transportation" isn't taken lightly when it comes to the dedicated employees Tesla hires. So what (I believe) Elon means is, "we hired you because you believe in our mission and are ready to dedicate your time and energy to building a better future with us"—loyalty and commitment is the key underlying message here. It is a known fact that Tesla employees work long hours, and don't get paid as well as other tech companies, but they aren't taken advantage of because they KNOW very well what they are in for before signing the dotted lines. Tesla is a rigorous company, it's a marathon, and it's a boot camp. It isn't trying to attract talent with free stuff or benefits, it attracts talent through its core belief: are you crazy enough to change the world with…show more content…
Google serves free food on campus with a wide variety of menu options for employees to choose from. Whereas Microsoft offers good food but the employees have to pay to have food. Even though the cost of food for both the companies is not even a fraction of what they are paying the employees as salary, Google’s approach helps it keep employees positive towards their work and employees tend to stick around longer through the day. Microsoft’s approach has been appreciated by critics and experienced HR professionals alike, however Google’s approach is appreciated by the young employees who are hesitant to pay for food despite having a huge paycheque. Both the approaches tend to work out well, since, on an average Microsoft employees are more experienced and health conscious, whereas Google’s employees are younger, more dynamic and happy with the freebies they get on
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