Tesla Motors Research Paper

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The following chapter will illustrate the background of the research, will introduce the topic of discussion and it relevance, will state the hypothesis and provide with some additional relevant information and with overview of the structure of the paper.

1.1. The background and hypothesis statement
Analyzing existing markets, it was easy to assume that the most demanded fields are also the most profitable. Looking through the resent list of the richest companies “Fortune 500” (Time Inc., Fortune.com), where companies are graded by overall revenues for their individual fiscal years, we can define the top fields where the richest companies are situated: general merchandising, energy, technology, motor vehicles industry.

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The literature review covers two fields of activity of Tesla Motors: automotive industry and the solar power market. The relevance of the topic is proved by figures and facts about the need of switching the source of energy used in every sphere of people’s life. The main idea of the work is to see the link between innovation that companies are introducing to the market and changes that are crucial for the entire world.

The following research question was asked prior to beginning research:
Does Tesla Motors is changing the world we live in?

The hypothesis statement of this thesis work was derived from the research question
“Tesla Motors is changing the world”

The purpose of this paper is to answer the research question and prove whether or not the hypothesis is correct. Known fact is no theory can be proved conclusively but the work will be able to cover the objectives and will show the direction for the following researches.

Thesis work consists of literature review what includes three chapters and covers all relevant aspects; methodology, what is based on the Key Informant Interviews and provide supplementary data for the research; findings; discussions; advices for the further research; limitations and conclusion, that will illustrate the answer for the research
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He also discovered the property of electrical repulsion of the unipolar charged elements. In 1800 the Italian physicist, chemist and physiologist Alessandro Volta created the first source of electric current. He placed the plates of zinc and copper in acid in order to get a continuous electrical current - the world's first chemical current source ("voltaic pile"). In the 1870 Belgian inventor Zenobia Theophilus Gramm invented the machine, which gave the first opportunity to produce an electric current industrially. The end of the XIX century, the first power plant opened its doors in Gadahminte, England. It also became the world's first hydroelectric power plant, because the generator was rotated

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