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In the beginning of this simulation I bought three different types of stock. I chose the stocks I did because I wanted to risk a lot, hoping to make a lot. I bought 5 shares of Tesla Motors stock for $205.29 per share, 4 Shares of Panera for 208.97 per share, and 1 Share of Johnson & Johnson for $106.54 per share. The $31.13 that I had left I put in a U.S. Treasury Bond. As you may noticed I bought some of the more expensive stocks, I did this because i thought that because they were more expensive the price would fluctuate more. I hoped it would work in my favor. Towards the middle of the simulation I started to get worried because Tesla was down $20 per share, and Panera was down $10 per share. Luckily Johnson & Johnson was up $16 per share. Since Johnson & Johnson was a low risk stock and it was up $6 I decided to sell my 1 share for $112.54, profiting $6 on that stock. But sadly the other stocks were still down. I had not hit my stop loss limit yet and I did not want to give up so I hung on two the…show more content…
I had 5 shares so I made $30. I sold them at the end of the simulation and put it in the bank. Panera also came out on top growing $4 per share, it went from $208.97 to $212.97 per share. I had 4 shares so I made $16 there and I put it in the bank. I also had sold my Johnson & Johnson earlier growing $6 per share. It went from $106.54 to $112.54 per share. I made $6 there and put it in the bank. In the U.S. Treasury Bond I put in $31.13 came out with $31.22, making 9 cents. Overall I made $52.09 with a total of $2052.09 . This simulation showed me how much stock fluctuates, And how you can make and lose a lot of money in one instant. But most importantly it taught me to relax when things were not going my way . It taught me to hang on. This simulation gt me very interested in stocks. This was a very good life lesson that the people of the1920’s learned the hard

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