Tesla Vs Edison Research Paper

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Throught the decades, people have had many discussions about which one was a better inventor, Tesla or Edison. Well, let’s start talking about a little background on both inventors so we have a can have a better vision of their achievements. Thomas Edison was an American inventor who created numerous gadgets that enormously impacted life around the globe, including the phonograph, the movie camera, and the enduring, useful electric light. He was named "The Wizard of Menlo Park" by a newspaper reporter after his invention of the phonograph while at Menlo Park. He was one of the primary creators to apply the standards of large scale manufacturing and huge scale collaboration to the procedure of development, and hence, he is frequently credited with the invention of the first research…show more content…
Tesla told Edison that he can fix the problem Edison had when inventing the lightbulb, Edison told him that he will give him 50,000 dollars if he could fix the problem. After working of the project for a little while Tesla fixed the light bulb, Edison said he wasn’t going to pay the 50,000 dollars because he said as a joke. In this exact moment is when Tesla and Edison parted separate ways and the rivalry between them started. During the War of the Currents, which was a battle between Edison’s direct current (DC) and Tesla alternating current (AC) to see which system would be use to provide current, Edison used many techniques to try to discredit the AC, including, electrocute animals using AC and saying AC was dangerous. After many years of trying to commercialize the DC Edison lost the war to Tesla’s AC. Nowadays the alternating current is the electrical transmission platform that is used all around the

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