Comparing The Hunger Games 'And Tess Of The D' Urbervilles

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Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy is downloaded from: and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is downloaded from: both of the novels were in PDF form and converted into word. 2.3 Results and Discussion In the two novels "Tess of the d 'Ubervilles" and "The Hunger Games" the two writers Thomas Hardy and Suzanne Collins have their own style in choosing their words. In the two novels there is a common theme, that the heroines in both novels are submissive characters. But the question is, are the two novelists are alike in their choice of words in describing the protagonist? This will appear through the following…show more content…
Suzanne uses a lot of adjectives in describing her heroine in order to allow the readers to create an image of the character in their heads. Repeated adjectives are not commonly used by Suzanne as it is used by Hardy. She refers to the protagonist by "strong" once by her little friend Rue showing that the other characters can see that she is a strong person that they can lean on and normally this though will automatically came to our minds. Collins describes Katniss as a "determined" person, while Collins did not use alot of repeated adjectives, however she repeates "determined" 5 times to assert the idea that her heroine is strong and determined. She is described as determined because she perseveres through the hunger games to make it back to her family and home. Furious is another adjective used is representing the heroine referring to her personality. Katniss described as "fast" 4 times and "brave" twice, showing how she is a strong person physically that the characters around her are describing her as a fast and brave person, Katniss herself describes herself as a fast person showing how clever and cunning as she knows how to use her strength points and she also believes in herself and the people around her are believing in her too. Collins refers to Katniss as a "fighter" and "hunter" which are a two strong words which commonly express men more than women so this showing that the heroine is not a weak person but she is a fighter. The adjectives used by Suzanne Collins refer to a very strong woman a fighter, fast, brave and determined woman is contrast with Tess who is described as a weak, naive and poor

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