Testimonial In Animal Farm

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In a life under Joseph Stalin, a dictator who ruled by terror, those of power are able to control all else. Immeasurably represented in Animal Farm, the pigs who are above all else especially Napoleon uses his position of jurisdiction to dominate the farm. In the realistic fiction, many forms of propaganda are brought to play; transfer, bandwagon, fear, name-calling, but the most effective of all is testimonial.—Testimonial is used to persuade an individual to believe anything, true or false, by using a celebrity or important figure that they admire. In the novel, Animal Farm, by George Orwell, testimonial is displayed greatly amongst the characters for the names of powerful characters is used to manipulate the characters, which are animals, to presume the wrong is right. By the same token, testimonial is also most effective when a celebrity or an individual that someone idolizes supports a certain item or idea, therefore causing a wide-range of people to think that the product or idea they’re trying to sell is “the best.” For one thing, testimonial is most effective in Animal Farm because the…show more content…
Afterall, “[It’s] nothing personal, it’s just business” (Otto Berman.) Conversely testimonial may be one of the most effective, many others may think differently and say fear is one of the most effective—which intimidates an individual with consequences. Above all, testimonial remains one of the most effective forms of propaganda because it enables a person to abide to anything anyone says, as long as it’s their idol. Thus, provided with an impression that their idols are always right and never wrong. Under those circumstances, “Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves,” only a person has a choice to believe it or not (Eric
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