Testimonials In Wassie's Story

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“Cassie’s story is not only mine and Brad’s. It is yours, and what you do with it will now give it meaning” (Bernall 101). “Cassie’s story” is of a teenage girl who lost her life in a school shooting, along with many others. However, Cassie’s death was especially prominent as she stood up for her beliefs as a Christian when they were challenged just before being shot. Author Misty Bernall, mother of Cassie, shares the story of her daughter’s life and death throughout the memoir. The personal experiences of Cassie’s family and friends throughout the book reveal the effects this shooting had on not only the town, but worldwide. Bernall expresses the use of fear tactics, testimonials, and a depressing tone throughout the memoir in order to persuade the audience to gain from the death of loved ones. Bernall strategically includes testimonials throughout her book in…show more content…
One impactful testimonial the author includes was from Cassie’s old youth group counselor, Jordan, who states, “An event like this should cut us. It should change us. If it doesn’t, there’s something wrong. If you just let your life go on like it did before, you’re burying a gift you’ve been given” (Bernall 99). Jordan’s intent with her testimonial was to teach the audience how to redirect their lives in a positive way after they experience a death from a loved one. Jordan even gives death the title of a “gift”, indicating that death brings the gift of gratitude to those who are still alive to receive it. Jordan ultimately wants to get the point across that death should open eyes in a way that makes people thankful for their lives. The author herself also brings in her testimonial when she states, “To me, at least, it comes down to acting generously and spontaneously, even when caution holds me back. It means choosing to extend a hand
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