Aquatic Cooling System: Therapeutic Analysis

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1.1 Physiological Background: 1.1.1 Organization of the testis: The human testes are two organs of ellipsoids shape with diameters of about 2.5 × 4 cm(Foresta et Al., 2012).Engulfed by a capsule (tunica albuginea) of strong connective tissue. Thin septula testis divide the parenchyma of the testis into about 370 conical lobules(Tomova et al., 2010)The lobules consist of the seminiferous tubules and intertubular tissue, containing groups of endocrine Leydig cells and additional cellular elements (Sanjeev et al.,20005),The seminiferous tubules are coiled loops their both ends open in to the spaces of the rete testis.The fluid secreted by the seminiferous tubules is collected in the rete testis and delivered to the ductal system of the epididymis.The…show more content…
The non-volitional erratic excursions of the freely suspended sac, allows for better exposure and fanning of its contents to ambient environmental temperature, more effectively. In our opinion, the scrotum is a classic example of natural chaotic cooling system, and that this may well be the primary contributor to thermoregulatory mechanisms in the metabolically active gonad. (Mirochnik et al,.2012 ) Mirochnik B, Bhargava P. Dighe P K, and Kanth N, “Ultrasoundevaluation of scrotal pathology,” Radiologic Clinics ofNorth America, vol. 50, no. 2, pp. 317–332, 2012.(Skandhan…show more content…
Also, the same group reported that deletions in L-type calcium channel α-1 subunit testicular transcripts correlated with testicular cadmium content and apoptosis in infertile men with varicocele((Benoff et al.,2012), Thus, these authors hypothesized that an infertile man with a varicocele has a specific genetic or environmentally induced defect that causes infertility and that varicoceles interact with these defects to exacerbate the already reduced fertility potential. Cadmium exposure and its accumulation are known to impair spermatogenesis, sperm function and lead to impaired reproductive potential in men( Goodwin et

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