Testra Case Study Summary

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5.1. Compare ideas with client 's expectations The Telstra’s expectations are the following. Clearer phone line provided towards the user. Language difficulties are need to be solved with appropriate training. Up to date technical knowledge from a technical support staff after technical training. Background noise should be solved so the customers can concentrate on the information provided from the support. IVR Installation if it meets the users expectations. 5.2. Discuss the reasoning for changes The Telstra should be able to provide nearly perfect line during phone calls as a major telecommunication company, especially its own technical support call centres. Also if the user is not happy they can leave from Telstra and create a contracts…show more content…
Client Solution Requirements & Approach Client solutions require a well thought out plan to address the above issues for better technical support and customer service within Telstra. These solutions will include retraining staff including a future support plan which maintains the solution on a long term basis. Solution requirements will need to be aligned with Telstra’s and they client needs. The transition of this process needs to be well thought through from the beginning to the end. We can not just jump to a solution without rectifying any damaged caused with the old system. 5.5. Clarify uncertainty or disagreement Unfortunately unless the whole technical support division will be relocated back to Australia, the bad phone line may not be completely fixed, because of the main obstacle, the distance. The IVR is never going to be a perfect solution as the user doesn’t like to “talk to a machine”. The rest of the solutions provided above, we believe from the feedback will satisfy some of the customer
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