Essay About Tet Holiday

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A long time ago, Tet Holiday plays an essential role in Vietnamese culture; it is also really meaningful for Vietnamese people. Tet holiday is the time for people wish each other health, wealthy and happiness for a new year. Although Vietnamese people solemnize Tet together, differences in the way celebrate this vacation and traditional customs between North and South still exist in Vietnam. I will introduce it, origin of Tet holiday and reasons why Tet vacation is irreplaceable. II. Body 1. History of Tet holiday Tet Nguyen Dan is full name of Tet holiday, being considered as the most important holidays of the year because of the influence of the Asian culture. In the opinion of An Nhi (2016), "Nguyen" means the beginning, and the "Dan" means the morning or the new period. “Tet Nguyen Dan” means the first morning of the first day of the new period, which marks the Lunar New Year. Tet holiday is based on…show more content…
Tet holiday happened during the winter finishes and spring comes, the time when the cycle of the universe ends to give way for the beginning of a new one. From Vietnamese people’s perspective, honoring the coming of the New Year wish good fortunes, it brings hope, optimism and nostalgia. Furthermore, Tet is the occasion for citizen to come back to their hometown, gathering with family, visiting relatives, and spend time on relaxing after suffering stress happening during old year. At the beginning of Lunar New Year, relatives, members of family reunite, cook Chung cake, sticky rice, talk about what happened in the last year, their ancestors who passed away and wish good fortunes. By this way, Tet holiday remind Vietnamese people of missing their ancestors, and upheld the valuable tradition to the descendants. Amazingly, the special occasion also enhance patriotism of each individual and remember the original point. Therefore, from cultural aspect, the festival epitomizes Vietnam’s cultural identity is
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