Tetanus Muscular System Essay

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Tetanus Muscular System
Tetanus, also known as lockjaw, is a serious bacterial infection called Clostridium tetani, that causes serious painful muscle spasms and can lead to death. Clostridium tetani spores are able to for long periods outside of the body. These spores found mainly in animal feces and contaminated soil, but they can survive anywhere.
The bacteria enters the body through puncture wounds. Tetanus can enter the body by; animal bites, skin burns, body piercing and tattoos done with unsterile tools, injection of drugs with contaminated needles, abrasion and laceration, and even circumcision. Once the bacterial spores have access into the body they multiply at an alarming rate, and deposit tetanospasmin throughout the body. If the lesion is deep the bacterial toxin can thrive better, even with no or little oxygen. Tetanospasmin is a neurotoxin that directly targets the nervous system.
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Once tetanospasmin reaches the nervous system it begins to start and interfere with the transmitters and the spinal cord, then on towards the muscular system.Once the tetanospasmin toxins reach the muscular system they make the muscles to start to tensen and cause uncontrollable muscle spasms.
Many doctors never see a patient with tetanus, because the tetanus shot is part of a routine childhood. In most countries there are only sixty cases for every seven years. Tetanus is recognized quickly with help of the symptoms. The quicker the patient goes to a hospital the quicker it will be treated. In cases in which the patient has diabetes or any other disease which includes injection of drugs with a needle will need to have their blood analized. If anyone experiences muscle spasms or stiffness they should find immediate medical
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