Tetra Pak China Case Study

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1. How has Tetra Pak’s Chinese recycling chain been reconceptualized by the end of the case? Draw a recycling-chain map to compare the original and current concepts.
In 1998, Tetra Pak’s china set up the environmental department and focused on the creating the recycling chain, during that time the society of China still didn’t have a clear concept about recycling and the Tetra Pak want to take a step on the end- of- life recycling, therefor, Tetra Pak try to develop a new recycling chain in China. Tetra Pak china achieve a huge success after 10 years--- approximately 167,300 tonners of UBCs were recycled in China. The first recycling above is the original recycling chain in China, which is very basic and not very efficiency due to the daily used beverage cartons keep increase, on the other hand, the current recycling chain is more efficiency. Tetra Pak working with many partners to improve the recycling, moreover, Tetra Pak support their partner to increase the recycling capacity and educate the collectors and consumers.
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Each year, Tetra Pak China will set a recycling target with their partners and constant encourage the recyclers to achieve more

5. What suggestions do you have for Tetra Pak China’s future recycling efforts?
After I finished reading the Tetra Pak China’s recycling chain, I think the Tetra Pak can work with the China’s environment authorities, China government have their department to deal with the recycling, therefor, Tetra Pak may work with the government to get more support. Furthermore, many Chinese local companies is put huge efforts on the environmental protection like Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent, therefor, Tetra Pak can work with them, because recycling is a big part of environmental
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