Tetramethyl Glucose Simulation Lab Report

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2.4.1. Tetramethyl glucose acetylation
1gm of tetramethyl glucose was dissolved in 5ml of acetic anhydride and added to fused sodium acetate of 0.375gm and mixed for 10 minutes and allowed to cool. To this mixture 7.5ml of toluene and 5ml of dry ether were added. The whole mixture evaporated to syrup on a water bath at 50 °C. The product dissolved in the dry ether after washing with toluene. Using filtration sodium acetate was separated, and the filtrate was evaporated to obtain syrup and fractionated at a boiling point of 133-136 °C. The obtained product dissolved in hydrogen bromide of glacial acetic acid and this mixture reaction kept in an ice bath for 1hr. According to procedure, the product was methylated to obtain 1bromo-2, 3, 4, 6-tetramethylglucose.

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