Tex By Johnny Collins: Plot Summary

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In the beginning of the book Tex, the author introduces the main character. Tex likes his horse Negrito and loves Johnny Collins’s blue-eyed sister, Jamie. Mason, his older brother, is a senior and the star of the basketball team. One day Tex comes home and find Mason home early. Mason tells Tex that, he sold Negrito and his own horse, Red. He tells Tex that, because their father, Pop, has not sent them any money from the rodeo circuit, and he had to sell the horses to pay the bills. Tex becomes enraged after hearing the news and begins to break stuff. Mason starts getting angry, and their fight soon turns physical. After the fighting, Mason apologizes to Tex. Tex then runs away to find the horses. His best friends, Johnny Collins, and Jamie find him on the side of the road. They tried to convince him and asked him to stop searching for the horses, but Tex refused to. Soon after Mason finds him and drags him back home.…show more content…
Tex soon met up with Lem, and they talked about what was going on in their lives. When Pop arrived, Mason got mad that Pop pays attention only to his brother, so he yells out that Tex is not his child. Tex got mad and goes with Lem to a drug deal. The person buying the drugs thought that Tex was going to snitch, so he shot him right before Tex beats him up. Lem took him to a hospital to get better. After Tex is better, Pop told him that Clare, his wife, cheated on him while he was in prison. Johnny and Jamie visited him in the hospital and during that visit, Jamie and Tex made up. When Tex arrived at home, he received a letter from Lem saying that they are moving to Arizona. Tex also received confirmation that he had got the job for the horse farm. Mason told Tex that he is going to work at the steakhouse, but Tex tells that he shouldn’t ruin his life because of him. Tex told Mason that he loves him, and they both made plans to go fishing the next
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