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Tex-Mex is a fusion of Texan and Mexican Cuisine, popularized and regarded as one of the United States native food. Tex-Mex has influences from both Spanish cultures and incoming American cultures. Today, it is popular across the country, but in Texas, traditions and quality still hold up to be the best. Texas’s nickname is “Lone Star State”, and the culture of cowboys, traditional-western, hot desert area, and rodeos are seen today as Texan Culture (Nenes 253). The term Tex-Mex was coined in 1875 as a nickname, regarding the Texan-Mexican Railway, but was later used in the 1900’s, as cuisine in the Texan area.
Meanwhile, Spanish influences shaped Texan culture as well, because in 1519, Spain claimed modern day Texas (Nenes 253). Some of the
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In the Texan area, tribes included but not limited to the Coahuiltecos, Caddos, Tejas, Cenis, Caranchuas, Karankawas, and the Apaches. They cultivated food crops and part of their culture also influenced modern-day Texas cuisine and culture. Native Americans were living in this world long before Europeans came over. They had a way of life, learned how to survive on the land and was already familiar and knew this world. When the Spaniards started coming to the “New World”, their goal was to convert and control the Native Americans into Christianity. It was either give in and follow a new religion, or reap the consequences and face death. Devastation struck as Spaniards forced their European way of life on the Native Americans. Those who chose to work with the Spaniards provided help and knowledge about the land, helping then expand, and giving them advice for the competition in grabbing land across the country (storyoftexas). The Spaniards however brought with them diseases that the Native Americans were not use to, and many died of small pox and other diseases (storyoftexas). Those who opposed the new comers were fought against and killed, showing other tribes that the Spaniards are more advanced and skilled than…show more content…
The most popular dishes included chili, beans, and tortillas, sometimes even put together. Dishes also included tacos, fajitas, burritos, stuffed chili peppers, chorizo, churros, enchiladas, salsa, pico de gallo, nachos, and guacamole (Nenes 258). Different kinds of sauces and beans were cooked to go with the main dishes. Braised, ground, barbequed, and shredded meats were common to find in the main dishes like tacos and fajitas. Flour tortillas were used mostly and a blend of chesses were used. However, these foods were loosely called Tex-Mex until the 1960s, when Diana Kennedy said that is was not strictly Mexican food, rather an old American regional cuisine (Wei). Her cookbook came out explaining the difference between real Mexican food and fake Mexican food, leading to the definitive name of Tex-Mex
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