Texas A & M Avocado Tree Analysis

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Our first assignment is to compare two websites that contain the same information but are designed to appeal to two different audiences. The first audience is directed towards the general public and the other is directed more towards people who are professional and want more details about what they are doing. I wanted to learn how to grow an avocado tree. I compared the website HGTV (http://www.hgtvgardens.com/guac-n-roll-grow-an-avocado-tree) and Texas A&M Agrilife (http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/fruit-nut/files/2015/04/avocados_2015.pdf) HGTV’s primary target is for an ordinary person to learn the basics on how to grow an avocado tree. The secondary audience for HGTV’s website may be someone who wants to learn more basic information…show more content…
The HGTV website is very appealing and has many colors and pictures; they even have a how to video to show exactly how to plant the avocado tree. While the website is very simplistic and has step-by-step instructions, the advertisements and articles on the sidebar can be very distracting. It is very easy to lose focus on what you actually came to the website for. The Texas A&M website, on the other hand, is very organized and full of detailed pertinent information. It was easy to find whatever information you may be looking for because of the bolded headings above each paragraph. There are pictures but not too many. It is a much better educational website for experts or students than the HGTV website. The only downfall to the Texas A&M website is that since there is so much information, it may take awhile to read all of it and fully comprehend what it is talking…show more content…
It did not contain any graphs, charts or labeling of any kind. The Texas A&M site contained a beautifully labeled chart with the different characteristics of avocados. It also contained information in paragraph format talking about the many different elements that one would need to know about to be an expert on growing avocado trees. It discussed climate, soil, different varieties, pruning, etc. By adding the chart to the website, it made it easy for the reader to compare different types of avocados and how they will grow in different elements. The paragraphs are easy to read and well labeled. The HGTV website had only basic information that makes it seem easy to go run out and grow a tree. It is also a very busy webpage that makes it fairly difficult to

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