Texas A & M: My Goals For The Future

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When I examine my goals for the future, it is hard not to see Texas A&M as a chapter in my journey towards reaching them. I do not aspire to become president or an astronaut. But I do desire a career path that sets myself into a position allowing me to assist society, while being financially suitable to provide for a family in the future. The agricultural community is a field that has just that. Accommodating the infrastructure of our nation seems appropriate for my goals.

At Marcus High School, I stayed involved heavily with band and drumline. These extracurriculars demanded immense time management and a sharp level of focus. During sophomore, junior and senior years, I was able to join the student leadership corps and become the leader of the Snareline, an instrument that requires high concentration in comparison to the rest of the band. I was tasked with making sure the incoming students understood their music, and if unable, I taught them. This position led me to become an understanding leader with the desire for greatness.
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When I was not occupied by practicing, I filled the time by reading or taking notes from a textbook, whether being in the parking lot, stadium or riding the bus. My weekends were full of a game on Friday night and a competition on Saturday. Each of these not allowing me to return home till past midnight. Followed by Church, early the next morning. Then on Monday morning I had to attend a leadership class in order to plan for the next week. This tight schedule forced me to be organized with my time and level of academic involvement, while also achieving success with competitions and exceptional
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