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As a person who lost a loved one to cancer, I have desired to find a way to cure such an illness. Seeing the type of pain people endure inspires me try to use my life to find way to relieve their pain. The way I want to do this is by developing new pharmaceuticals through research on cancer stem cells. The vast field of chemical engineering would help me reach my full potential in enhancing medical drug discovery.

I believe that Texas A&M would provide me with all the tools I could need to pursue my chemical engineering degree, as well as other aspects of engineering I may want to pursue as well. Texas A&M offers minor’s degrees along with Bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering. I have an ardent desire to go beyond a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree and eventually achieve a doctorate to fully embrace my potential. Texas A&M provides graduate schools and a doctorate.

Additionally, being involved in many student organizations at San Antonio College such as Society of Women Engineers, SAC Motorsport Team, MAES: Latinos in Science and Engineering, and Phi Theta Kappa, I have learned how valuable it is to be a part of organizations. I
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I would like to have this full-time industrial experience right after graduation because I think it is important for me to apply the knowledge that I have learned in school to real problems. I believe this knowledge is requisite to continuing my education and achieving a Master’s degree within an ideally three-year period. I plan to work part-time when furthering my education, providing myself with both the theories I learn in study and the application provided by my job. I hope to get involved with cancer stem-cell research. Moreover, I desire to work domestically and
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