Texas A & M University Scholarship Essay

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Once planted, the crop just needs some rain and sunshine to grow”, Sammy Shannon once said. Once I am placed in Texas A&M Agriculture program, I’ll need some knowledge, some great teaching to grow and expand my knowledge of Agriculture. Texas A&M University, Aggies, is one of the best agricultural schools in the United States and will teach me new skills to help me become a better farmer. TAMU is located in College Station, Texas. The instate tuition is $8,506 while the outstate tuition is $25,126. The average financial aid is $14,665. TAMU wants the student to apply through Apply Texas. The student is required to have already taken the ACT and SAT. The student is required to have taken and pass the course classes. Being in the top ten percent of your class, having good grades, ask questions on your application, checking on your application are some of the many great ways to help you become accepted by TAMU. The Student must complete the University Scholarship Application to go to TAMU. The University phone number…show more content…
The TAMU Agriculture program will teach me hands on experience, internship, and worldwide agriculture. TAMU agriculture program has many apartments, such as Animal Science, Plant and Soil Science, Agriculture system, Agriculture Economic are only some of the many departments and are the ones that I am looking into. The department of Animal science will help me learn about caretaking of farm animals. The department of Plant and Soil science will teach me skills to help me make a better crop in the future. The department of Agricultural System will help learn how to run a successful farm or ranch. The department of Agriculture Economics will help me learn more about the economic side of agriculture. The Agricultural program will also help get me get a degree in teaching if I ever want to become a teacher. In certain departments, they will you to another country to learn and study there ways of agriculture
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