Texas Criminal Justice System Research Paper

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This year has been a difficult year for the criminal justice system of Texas. From the multiple police brutality incidents to people dying police custody that shouldn’t. With the one of the highest percentage of its citizens incarcerated, we can start to see why people feel like the Texas Criminal Justice system has failed them. The plea bargain is just one example that the people feel like the justice system has failed them. I personally feel that even with all of Texas Criminal Justice system’s faults, I feel like Texans can come together to make the necessary changes to make better adapted to the newer generations morals. If not, then people are going to completely lose trust our justice system
The goal of plea bargaining is to resolve a
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In many cases, the interests of the victim or his/her family mirror the state’s interests. But in other cases, those interests will diverge. For example, the family of a murder victim may understandably seek revenge in the form of the stiffest sentence possible, such as the death penalty. However, the prosecutor may opt to resolve the case expeditiously with, say, a life sentence. The fact that prosecutors represent the state doesn’t necessarily mean they can do whatever they want with a case and ignore the victim or his/her family. In fact, many states give crime victims specific legal rights, typically including the right to give a victim impact statement at a defendant’s sentencing. That said, it’s true that the prosecution doesn’t always honor victims’ rights. An article in the Houston Press suggests that, at least in one county in Texas, prosecutors are running roughshod over victims’ rights. The article quotes Susan Howley, director of public policy at the National Center for Victims of Crime, recommending safeguards such as requiring the judge to ask prosecutors whether the victim has been informed of a pending plea, or asking a victim to sign a form acknowledging that he/she has been informed of a plea deal.
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