Texas Government Reflection

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This Texas Government course is my first online class and also my first Honors class in college. I am aware that online courses may require students to do discussion boards or group projects or any other assignments that encourage interactions among students. I expected to experience and improve my teamwork skills and critical thinking. Although this class was about Texas Government, I was looking forward to discussing the presidential election that was held during throughout the semester. Last spring semester, I took GOVT 2305 - the Federal Government- and found myself involved in discussions and debates. I immediately registered for the next government class and thought it would be another interesting class. Not many students have an opportunity to study government during the most intense and exciting time in America - the presidential race. Considering it is an Honors class, I thought it would be a challenge with many assignments and exams that are due weekly. By taking my academic progress to a new level, I wanted to challenge my time-management skill and improve my writing skill; I also want to get a special recognition from the Honors institution on my transcript and separate myself from other students.

Before taking the Texas Government class, I did not know that states
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The Republicans have dominated Texas politics and want to maintain Texas as a solid red state of the south. By requiring voter identification at the polls, Republicans successfully lowers voter turnout for Democrats and continue their power. On the other hand, Democrats try to make their voices heard and argue that the voter identification requirement denies the fundamental right of citizens. Although the Supreme Court ruled that the law is unconstitutional, Texas politicians plan to appeal the Fifth Circuit's decision and bring the law
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