Texas Government Rules

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Texas and the Rules Texas is ruled and governed by many different rules and regulations with in the government. Many question why this and what the purpose of this is? The Texas Government makes it known for their policies and procedures that they enforce and they follow. Below I will begin to inform as well as educate on why they follow these procedures and what they reasoning are for doing so. There are different responsibilities and powers of the Texas legislature and many are somewhat difficult to understand for some. However, the Texas Legislature is the dominant branch of state government within the state constitutional framework of separation of powers. The legislature may also at times exercise the state 's inherent police power to…show more content…
When talking about the power of the governor, it is natural to speak of the formal powers. However, it is harder because these are powers that come with the office itself. Weather it would be because the Constitution provides them to the governor or because the state has passed laws giving the governor such powers. Many people often say that they have long talked about strong and weak governors and compared one state’s governors to others based on these powers and what they mean to one in office. However, many of the factors in fact may affect how powerful a governor will be. Many governors have been able to exert quite a lot of power even though they were serving in an office with very limited formal powers. These governors were dealt with the informal powers with in their office and that is what was to be worked with. The question is; How did they succeed in being powerful when there office started out so weak? What they had to do was pull power from people and sources from the outside. Since such resources were not handed to them and they were not readily available and didn’t come with the office, this is where there are referred to as the informal powers. These Informal powers differ substantially from one governor to another, rather than from one state to the next. This is because some of the informal powers have to do with the person who holds the office. Each person weather e man or woman who was to be elected governor needed to have certain knowledge, skills, and personality traits that will help in the performance of the job. These ideas about informal powers are sometimes harder for researchers only because they are less concrete than the formal powers that everyone is so use to and well educated about. One cannot read the law or the constitution to determine how powerful the governor will be in an informal sense, Because one has to know more about the person in the office and the context or situation he or she is in to understand why some governors
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