Texas In The United States Essay

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Everything 's bigger in Texas, as denoted by the vast land composing the state of Texas. The culture, government, economy, language, and history can be traced back to the 19th century, to a time when Texas was a state governed by the country of Mexico. Texas land has been occupied by indigenous Americans, claimed by Spanish conquistadors, snatched by Mexican troops and placed in a little red, white and green box where it was instructed to remain and look pretty. The war that declared Mexico’s independence from Spain in 1821, granted Mexico the territory claimed by Spain, also known as Tejas. It was a part of Coahuila y Tejas, governed by Mexico between 1821 and 1836. Stephen F. Austin, an anglo man of many trades, was influential in the efforts…show more content…
General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, was introduced into Mexico’s presidency in 1832, he demonstrated intolerable attitude and chaotic leadership. After 16 years under Mexico’s government and considering many disagreeable factors, including lack of military protection from indigenous tribes and a lack of voice in the Mexican government, Texas deserves to be recognized as an independent state in the United States of Mexico. The Division Petitions Texas submitted to Coahuila were useless. In 1833, the constitution drafted for Texas as an independent state was carried by Austin to the City of Mexico in hopes of resolving the complaints of Texans, instead Santa Anna imprisoned him for a year. This was “a key milestone in the growing tensions between Texas and the Mexican government” (University of Texas at Austin). Coahuila was unwilling to separate from the land claims in North America that allowed access to seas and ultimately ensured trade with foreign countries. In the petition for division, I would include that the division of Coahuila would immensely benefit Coahuila with a Free Trade Agreement and in by allowing it to avoid the expense of defending Tejas land from indigenous attacks, and it would no longer have to deal with squatters of slaves and on the east side of
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