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Texas is an incredibly geographically and culturally diverse state. It contains multiple mountains above 8000 feet and hundreds of miles of shoreline. Texas has people of many nationalities, such as Spaniards, Germans, and Mexicans. Texas, being the second-largest state of the United States in land area, has numerous important geographical features and cultural sites found in its colossal vastness. Texas contains four naturally divided regions: the Mountains and Basins, the Great Plains, the North Central Plains, and the Gulf Coastal Plains. The Mountains and Basins Region, the western tip of Texas, contains multiple mountain ranges including the Glass Mountains and the Davis Mountains. Many people there are Hispanic because of its border…show more content…
It is not very populated, some major cities being Lubbock and Amarillo. This region is as dry and hot as the rest of Texas but gets snow. Its northern location in the Panhandle allows for cooler temperatures. There are many uses for this land, such as farming and cattle. This region also includes Midland and Odessa, two oil-rich cities known around the country for their oil, proving the variety of resources in the vast Texas. The North Central Plains are located in the north, central Texas. Its cities include Fort Worth, Arlington, and San Angelo. The land there is hilly with buttes and mesas. The people there farm for cotton and grain, herd cattle, and produce poultry. In Fort Worth, an event in which a herd of cattle is driven down the street is held twice daily to show the cowboy history of the city. Cowboys and cattle drives were inspired by the Spanish and helped spark a cattle boom in Texas in the 19th century. People in the North Central Plains are proud of their cowboy history, another different cultural quality of…show more content…
It is very populated, containing Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and the capital of the state, Austin. It is the flattest region, containing beaches and lakes. There are lots of farms there in the open plains. New Braunfels, a town near San Antonio, was founded by emigrating Germans, making Texas even more culturally diverse. Tex-Mex restaurants in Austin are famed for their mix of Texan and Mexican food, yet another example of the multicultural life in Texas. The geographical setting varies throughout the state. From the tall mountains of the Mountains and Basins Region, to the flat plains of the Coastal Plains, along with a wide array of resources and uses for the land, Texas has it all. Texan culture is a mixing pot of Mexican, German, Spanish, and much more. The vastness of Texas provides a wide variety of interesting people and

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