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One of the problems Texas faces in today’s life is that there are many brutal police officers. In Texas, there has been a great deal of many police officers taking advantage of their position in law. Starting with fatal shootings that have left citizens dead, physical abuse such as punching citizens to lay on the floor to get handcuffed without getting mirandize, and vulgar language used when arresting citizen. This furthermore proves that Texas has problem police officers. In March 2013, a twenty-five year old, Allen Flanagan was shot seven times by a Dallas Texas police officer Clark Staller. Allen was unarmed and shot once in the back. When his parents filed a Death lawsuit against the DPD (Dallas Police Department), an eyewitness had said that Allen attempted to follow the police officer 's instructions, and "saw no aggression, no fighting, no acting out or anything from [Allen], but still, the policeman kept shooting him". Yet because Staller was treated for abrasions on his neck, and said he was in fear of his life; the Dallas County grand jury agreed that Staller was not accountable of homicide. Even if Staller was in fear of his life there was to need to shoot Allen seven times, leaving him dead. He could of only shot him to where he was able to handcuff him not kill him. Moreover, in June 2015, a…show more content…
Allen Flanagan from Dallas, Texas, and the teenagers from Mckinney, Texas; are victims of fatal shootings, physical, and vulgar abuse from police officers in Texas. There was no need to handle these situations the way these police officers did. You can not give someone’s life back, or get rid of the trauma caused in someone’s life; just because you’re having a bad day, or you do not want to put up with people. Sadly this is an issue Texas is facing

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