Texas Political Culture Analysis

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Texas has a very unique political culture, combined with the tradition and cultural aspects. Together with the influence of frontier experience and culture of Old South. A sound combination of individualism form frontier states as well as a conservatism from south. Like every political culture Texas political culture is also a blend of beliefs and values. Like every other culture Texas also have a coexisting society. It has a major influence of E.J Davis in reconstruction of 1869 constitutional reconstruction.
Lincoln 's victory in the presidential election of November 1860 made the separation of South Carolina from the Union December 20 outside an inevitable fact. On February 1, 1861 five other southern States had already separated. On 8 February the six States signed a provisional Constitution for the Confederate States of America. The other States of the South were still members of
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Between the enlarged Confederacy and the free Northern Territories was the border of the slave States of Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri who remained loyal to the Union although they were sympathetic with the South. Both sides went to war with high hopes of a swift victory. In what 's up to material resources, the North had a clear advantage. 11 States inhabited by nine million people, including slaves, 23 States faced with a population of 22 million. The industrial superiority of the North was even higher than the demographic and provided abundant resources for the manufacture of weapons and ammunition, clothing and other accoutrements. Its rail network was far superior. However, the South had certain advantages. The most important was geography, as southerners fought a defensive war in its own territory; they could establish their independence with only defeat the armies of the North. The South also had a strong military tradition and had senior military
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