Texas Political Culture Essay

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Political culture establishes the backdrop against which politics unfold, it establishes the outer limits of what is possible, or even probable in the political realm. Texas political culture can be described as traditionalistic and individualistic. Texas traditionalist political culture believes in the values that policies are designed to preserve social order in the state, politicians come from society’s elite, and politicians have a family obligation to govern. While on the other hand, individualistic political culture believes that government should be limited when it comes to the lives of the public, individual rights of the citizens should be the main focus of a government rule, and a stronger support of personal politics rather than elitism. Texas also has a strong populism influence. How populism is different from traditionalist and individualistic is that populism in Texas focuses on economic justice. The populism party was formed by the Farmers Alliance movement and the party’s main focus was using government power to protect individuals from the exploitation of big business and corporations.
Texas is a state with many factors that play a role in shaping the political culture of the state such as its
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Laws and rules that date back to times when it made it difficult for people to stand out and have a voice. Texas based their laws on family values, school prayer, against abortion, and against gay marriage. Another negative aspect of Texas its location next to Mexico. Since Texas is bordering Mexico, there has been a lot of illegal Mexican immigrants crossing the border unto Texas seeking jobs that belong to legal Texas citizens. Though has been stricter laws put in place to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing over into Texas, there is still dispute over the issue

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