Texas Political Culture Research Paper

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Texas Political Culture There are multiple classifications for political cultures Moralistic political culture- ones believe that the government should promote the public good and in order to ensure that good the citizens should participate in politics and civic activities Individualistic political culture- ones believe that the government must limit their role when providing to society in order to make the citizens able to pursue their economic interests Traditionalistic political culture- ones believe that the government should controlled by political elites and must be guided by tradition. Changes in Texas The One Party State- Texas had been governed by the Democratic party for over 100 years. But the pattern was broken when a competition…show more content…
The first focused on the production of cattle, cotton and distribution by the railroad system The second was the oil industry The third is the high-tech digital economy Texas economy One of the oldest crops is cotton and then technological advances stimulated the cotton industry. Origins of cattle and ranching extended back to the 17th century, multiple conflicts arose from cattle and ranching, they both remained very important industries in Texas Oil at first was not in demand, oil and gas made a new industrial revolution in the 20th century, and both transformed the government. People of Texas Texas population The Texas population has changed over time because of 3 main reasons that consist…show more content…
Latinos were already living in Texas, mostly all Texans had Mexican origins, had various obstacles that limited them from voting in the state throughout the 19th century. For the most part African Americans entered the state as slaves, were second class citizens and the Texas political system was eventually opened up to them. Asians are much smaller groups that origin from China, Pakistan, Korea, Japan, and etc. About 1 million Asians migrated to Texas. Urbanization Texas’s shift In order to convert Native Americans into Christianity, missions were established and farms were cultivated in order to feed the population. Later on Americans brought a new language, democracy, slavery and ideas to transformed Texas urban life. New technologies changed Texas urban landscape. Houston is the largest city in Texas Houston originated out of 2 brothers Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen in 1836. The city was named after the leader of the Texas army during the war of independence from Mexico, Sam Houston. Oil transformed Houston into the 20th century. Around 1930, Houston was the largest city in
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