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The image on the front cover of the Texas Monthly magazine depicts a true image of Texas politics, the current governor of Texas Greg Abbott and media communication about politics. Since images speak for themselves, we get the idea of what the picture is about without guessing. For example, we see Governor Abbott holding a rifle, and presume that he supports gun rights and is a Republican rather than a Democrat. Since the majority of Republicans support gun rights for protection, whereas the majority of Democrats believe in gun control. We can also see that Governor Abbott poses a confident and poised demeanor which tells us he cares about Texas, he looks ready to accept any challenge, looks modest and has pride in himself, but not in an egotistic and domineering manner, and he also seems confident to be a leader. Many readers who read Texas Monthly magazine get the meaning of Texas politics and what it is all about. It is not a tabloid and does not have any gossip or rumors about politics. It shows true politicians with real stories and interviews that are never made up. I believe that readers who read true topics about politicians in true magazines on a daily basis tend to have confidence …show more content…

For instance, tabloid newspapers tend to have false comments about politicians, whereas non-tabloid newspapers tend to have valid articles. With countless news channels, magazines and newspapers, it is quite difficult with what to believe in, but usually the newspaper or news channel that has the most misled stories is too good to be true. When candidates make speeches, other news stations that despise that candidate would always make negative comments. For example, during the presidential election of 2016, many news stations were biased about the campaign, and made many false comments about Donald

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