Texas Revolution: Independence Or Slavery?

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Texas Revolution: independent or slavery? Lucila Gareau HIST 1301 Introduction: Outline
The Texas Revolution, was a rebellion in late 1835 and early 1836 promoted by the people of Texas, then became a part of northern Mexico, debating and fighting against the Mexican government and military. The rebellion led to the foundation of the independent Republic of Texas. The republic was annexed by the United States as a state in 1845. These events were mainly the causes of the Mexican War between Mexico and the United States, after which Mexico relinquished all demands and land to Texas and much of the present-day southwestern United States. For many years’ Mexico’s policies had rarely caused any trouble with Texas, however, a large part of the population was Anglo-American immigrants who were heavily pulled by the generous land policies. However, Mexico and Texas didn’t agree with the policies Mexico was trying to put together, thus leading to disagreement and violence. Which lead to the Texas Revolution, so in this research paper I will be discussing and arguing if this revolution was fought over independence from Mexico or abolishing slavery in Texas.
Your Argument: Mexico was trying to succeed in abolish slavery in Texas, every time they were greeted with a negative response by Texians. 1835 is when Santa Anna decided to furthered the slavery ban to Texas in hopes of getting rid of it. Texians truly felt that a whole new
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