Texas State University Case Study

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Texas State University is the fourth largest Texas public University with their main campus located in San Marcos, Texas and a smaller campus located in Red Rock, Texas. Texas State was established in 1899 as the Southwest Texas State Normal School, but their main focus was for all of their students to become teachers. TSU is located on 4,492 acres, but 4,000 of the acres are reserved for agricultural research and recreational areas.On the 492 acres they have an estimated amount of 245 buildings that are both old and new. TSU is part of the Austin Metropolitan Area and Texas Hill Country. In 2015 they had a total of 37,979 students enrolled which is a huge improvement since in 1903 when they had 303 students. Some famous people have graduated…show more content…
For example they have a handmade race car race where every department makes and decorates a car and races them. They also have a homecoming where the university plans a week of events for people involved in the school to do and stay busy with. It also appears as if they announce a homecoming king and queen! Texas State Seniors are invited to a ring ceremony where they invite their family and friends to the ceremony where they are officially given their Texas State Rings and dip them into the San Marcos River that flows in a fountain. The yearlong series of events that help bond the thousands of students that attend Texas State University is what they call The Common Experience. Common Experience events include concerts, films, debates, exhibits, lectures, and even artistic performances. Famous world wide artist have come to speak to the students; for example, poet Maya Angelou, actor Edward James Olmos, and director Spike…show more content…
Texas State has 24 residence halls and apartment communities that are called home to over 6,500 students. Most of the entering freshman are required to live on campus to help them have a strong start at Texas State and transfer students with less than 30 hours may also be required to live on campus.living off campus will cost $7,250 to attend TSU while the cost of staying at home will cost a person $2,200. The cost of Living on campus the cost of housing can cost $8,100.Living in and being part of fraternities or sororities is considered living on campus. TSU has 36 social greek fraternities and sororities which are all supervised by the Dean of Students Office. Each of the fraternities and sororities are members of one of the four governing councils. These Councils are the Panhellenic (7), Multicultural Greek (8), National Pan-Hellenic (7), and Interfraternity (14) Councils. The greek houses also have a different fee from the housing fee which is mentioned earlier, but each house has a different cost depending if you live in the house, out of the house, or if you 're a new member. In addition to, while living on campus you must participate and have a dining plan where you can eat fresh-cooked meals that are all-you-can-eat at the Commons and Harris dining halls. TSU also has popular food chains like Starbucks and Chick-fil-A at the Jones Food Court and the LBJ Student Center. While living off campus, but not at home it would cost about $7,250 while still living with the

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