Texas State University Stereotypes

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Alongside Texas State University
Contrary to popular belief, Texas State isn’t all of what the stereotypes claims it is. The stereotypes associated with Texas State such as being a party school, not being intensive, and being composed of a nonchalant student body attribute to a “second class” standard when compared to other schools such as University of Texas and Texas A&M University. This is inaccurate, because it’s being compared to the top ranked schools, so obviously it doesn’t stand alongside theses schools with as high of an opinion. Texas State can absolutely hold its ground if compared to other universities in Texas that are ranked around the same numbers as it is itself.
Texas State being known as of as a party school has been an inescapable stereotype that the university
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I can’t imagine this being true considering the awesome outlet malls we were blessed with a few minutes away from campus, however if this stereotype is true then what’s so wrong with being comfortable? Personally, I like to dress up for classes to some extent each day, but if people don’t want to do that for class, then they shouldn’t be expected to. If anybody believes that unless you’re dressed for an interview you can’t learn, then they’re crazy! Nike shorts and T-Shirts do nothing for your learning capabilities just as a dress and heels would.
After all, these are stereotypes, and whether they be true or not, they do have an impact on how Texas State is viewed alongside other Texas universities. According to 4International Colleges & Universities, A&M and University of Texas in the top three highest ranked schools in Texas, but Texas State still holds its own ranked at number 11 of all Texas Universities. Stereotyped or not, we still are a school where 38,000 students have chosen to attend and either live with or disregard said
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