Stereotypes in Texas

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Texas Stereotypes Texas is well known for a lot of things, to being one of the biggest states in the US to JFK Assassination. Many people believe that Texas is probably one of the violent states because of many people owning guns and many prisoners being on death row. Numerous individuals has came up with a lot of stereotype for Texas and Texans. One of the most famous and favorable stereotypes are that Texas consist of many cowboys and cowgirls. Yes many of men and women are but, little do they know that more than 85% of the Texas population lives in urban areas. Another well-known stereotype and personally my favorite, is that everything is bigger in Texas. This stereotype is very true, for instance there are bigger houses, schools, football,…show more content…
Texas school tends to focus more on athletics and other extra-curricular organizations then focusing on what students are really there for, their education. Another downside is property taxes. Texas property tax rates are pretty high, the state is top 5 in the highest property tax. The reason why Texas has one of highest property tax rate is because there is no state income tax, so things essentially have to balance out somewhere. Weather also can play a huge role on the negative side. Texas is known to have very hot summers and bipolar weather, where it is 100 degree at noon and then 40 degree at 4p.m all in one day, this is truly not surprising to see 35-45 degree swings in temperatures during parts of the year. There also are life-threatening weather, like deadly tornados and hurricanes, which many individuals have lost their lives to. Everybody needs a car, this state has little public transportation even in the larger cities like Dallas and Houston. Reminder that Texas is a very big and spacious state and it can sometime take more the hour to get to your location in one single city. After weighing in the positives and negatives a great amount of people including myself can say that the positives about Texas outweighs the negatives. People have found Texas a great place to live, especially to build a career, because it has the infrastructure and the circumstances that raise job establishment and job success. Most of people that do live in Texas have learn to deal with the minor problems because it is definitely worth
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